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Deck & Tank Automation Controls and Intrumentations as follows:

  • Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System (VRC)
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring System (ODME)
  • Cargo & Ballast Tank Monitoring System
  • Tank Level Gauges, Draft Level Gauges and E/R Service Tanks
  • Air Purge Bubbling Tank Level Gauges, Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauges, Mechanical Float Type Level Gauges, Rada Type Level Gauges
  • Cargo Tank Pressure & Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • Loading Computer
  • Actuators - Electric / Pneumatic / Hydraulic
  • Safety Valves - Air Release Vacuum Breaker Valve High Velocity P/V Valves
  • Fixed Gas Detection Systems and Portable Gas Detection Systems
  • Ballast Water Management System
  • Tank Systems Hermetic UTI Portable Tank Gauging Equipment
  • MMC Sampling Tapes and Sounding Equipment
  • Water Ingress System
  • Oil In Water Analyzer (OIW) for Produced Water (Offshore Applications)
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