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Our Services - Retrofitting or Upgrading with New System Installations

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Retrofitting or Upgrading with New System Installations as follows:

  •  15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Ballast Tank and Void Space Gas Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Cargo Tank Pressure Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Cargo Tank High / High-High Level Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Cargo Valve Remote Control System
  •  COPT Temperature Alarm Monitoring and Tripping System
  •  COPT Emergency Shut Down and Extension
  •  Crane Safety & Control System
  •  DCS & SCADA
  •  Intelligent Programmable Alarm Monitoring System 
  •  In-Port and Ex-Port Manifold Monitoring System
  •  PLC Base Sequential Starting Panel For Engine Room Control System
  •  Main & AUX. Engine Fuel Oil Leakage Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System
  •  Pump Room Gas Detection System
  •  Pump Room Lighting & Ventilation Interlock System
  •  Salinity Alarm Monitoring System
  •  Tank Level and Draft Gauging System
  •  Vapour Recovery System (Vapour Line Pressure & Oxygen Monitoring)
  •  Winch Control System
  •  Many more.....
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